Over the past 12-weeks, ResearchHub distributed ResearchCoin (RSC) to users for sharing, curating, discussing, and summarizing academic literature. RSC demonstrated early proof of its utility as a tool for encouraging open collaboration within the scientific community.

Since the ResearchCoin giveaway began on 11/1/2020:

Results from week 6 of the 1M RSC giveaway

ResearchCoin (RSC)

Welcome back to the weekly 1M ResearchCoin giveaway update! During week 6, there were 797 votes and 101 papers posted on ResearchHub.

Here are the top earners from last week:

The most highly upvoted paper of week 6 was submitted by…

Results from week 5 of the 1M ResearchCoin giveaway

Another 1,000,000 RSC was distributed to ResearchHub users for sharing, curating, and discussing academic literature last week. In total, there were 1131 votes and 93 papers posted on ResearchHub during week 5!

Below are the top earners from last week:

Results from week 4 of the 1M ResearchCoin giveaway

Welcome to another weekly results blog for the 1M ResearchCoin giveaway. During week 4 there were 103 papers,70 comments, and 962 votes shared on ResearchHub!

Below are the top earners from week 4:

Chukwuma Chidera shared this week’s most upvoted…

Results from week 3 of the 1M ResearchCoin giveaway

Welcome to our weekly results blog for the 1M ResearchCoin giveaway!

During week 3 we saw 90 papers and 76 comments shared on ResearchHub. Here are the statistics from last week’s top RSC earners:

Anton Lebed’s post was the most…

Results from week two along with guidance on creating high-quality content for ResearchHub

Checking in with the results from week 2 of the weekly 1M ResearchCoin giveaway! This week we saw just under 5000 active users who contributed to ResearchHub. Here are the people who earned the most RSC:

Last week we announced the start of our weekly 1M ResearchCoin give-away. For a limited time, anyone can earn a portion of these tokens by contributing to the ResearchHub community. Our community members do this by sharing, summarizing, and discussing scientific research.

So far we have been blown away by…

ResearchCoin — a crypto token to help accelerate the pace of scientific research

A few months ago, we launched ResearchCoin (RSC) to help build the ResearchHub community. ResearchHub is working to accelerate scientific research (“Github for science” is our vision), and ResearchCoin is our way of rewarding people who contribute to this effort. You can read more about the mission of ResearchHub here.

The ResearchHub homepage

Today, we’re announcing ResearchCoin, a way for users of ResearchHub to be rewarded for contributing content to ResearchHub. ResearchCoin represents ownership in the ResearchHub community through certain governance and usage rights. Our hope is that it will help further ResearchHub’s mission of accelerating the pace of scientific research.

Why did we make ResearchCoin?

Scientific research…

Patrick Joyce

A medical student building @ResearchHub

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